Downton Predictions

If you are a Downton fanatic like me, you are anxiously counting down the days to January 8, the premiere of Downton Abbey’s second season.  I’ve been good, I really have.  I’ve resisted the temptation to read the spoilers out there, which are incredibly easy to find given that the show’s already aired in the UK.  All I know is what the promotional material has given away.

So, here are the burning questions I have that I hope season 2 can answer, as well as some predictions.

Will Mary and Matthew reunite?

It all seemed wrapped up.  Mary and Matthew kiss, Matthew proposes, Mary accepts–perfect ending, right?  But then Mary hesitates thanks to her aunt’s meddling and her mother’s pregnancy announcement.  In her hesitation Matthew begins to doubt her reason for marrying him, and she ends up losing him.

Both Mary and Matthew are opinionated and headstrong, so I can’t see this relationship easily patched.  But I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of their romance.  The war will undoubtedly bring about a sense of “carpe diem” that will make them put aside their past differences and remember what really matters is their feelings for each other.

Will we see a relationship develop between Branson and Sybil?

It certainly seemed to be going that way at the end of the first season.  The youngest Crawley daughter and the chauffeur both share similar progressive views, and Sybil does not have the same concern for rank and circumstance as her oldest sister.  However, I can’t see this going over too well with the Crawley clan, and some heavy consequences will come along with such a match for Sybil and for Branson as well.  As Mrs. Hughes warns him at the end of season 1: “Be careful my lad, or you’ll end up with no job and a broken heart.”

Who is going to die?

This season takes place during World War I, and given the high British death rate during the war (close to 20%, and that’s not including the wounded), one of the characters will likely die.  I don’t think it will be Matthew; he’s too important to the overall plot, though he’s likely to be injured (nearly 30% wounded rate for British troops during World War I).  So that leaves Thomas, and potentially William and Branson, if they sign up or are drafted.  Branson’s death would certainly cause an abrupt and tragic end to the possible romance with Sybil.  But I could also see William being the one to die, since he is so well-liked among the staff.  I don’t think it’ll be Thomas though, because well, he’s a bad guy, and everyone would be happy to see him go, and that’s not what Downton Abbey’s about.

Will the skeletons in Bates’s closet keep Anna away?

Ah, Bates.  Lord Grantham’s valet with a mysterious past.  We know from the previews that Bates’s wife is going to reappear, so it will be interesting to see if we get the full story.  And will it turn Anna away from him for good?

Will the sibling rivalry between Edith and Mary continue?

In season 1 we saw some pretty vicious vindictive behavior go down between sisters Mary and Edith.  Mary dashed Edith’s chance at a fine match, and Edith spilled the beans about Mary’s covered up affair, tarnishing her reputation.  Something tells me that with a war on, there won’t be as much time for plotting and scheming, but I will be interested to see if the two sisters call a truce or if there are still lingerings of the old rivalry that come into play.

What are your Downton Abbey season 2 predictions?



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3 responses to “Downton Predictions

  1. Jenny

    I am really looking forward to the new season! I agree that they won’t kill off Thomas…we need someone to hate and O’brien needs someone to continue to scheme with. (On a side note, she is so evil. I still can’t believe what she did to Cora to cause her to lose the baby) Of course I feel bad for Mary and her position, but I also felt so bad for Edith and how Mary ruined her chances for a husband also. Maybe they will join together and call a truce since most “husband material” will be at war. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

    • Yeah, I think my jaw literally dropped when Mary did that to Edith. That was so sad. But not as sad as O’Brien doing that to poor Cora, as you pointed out. Yeesh. I am counting down the hours to Downton, and will hopefully find time to post a review of the first episode tomorrow!

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