A Word On Writers

Okay, so maybe more than one word.

First, I should probably apologize for the long absence to my regular readers.  I’ve been stuck in the 1920s the last several months writing my second novel, the first draft of which is finally complete!  And as soon as I emptied that story out of my head and onto the page, a new one began taking shape.  Yes, I do have a very active imagination.  That’s why I’m a writer–I’ve got to have an outlet for it somewhere!

Which leads me to the topic of today’s post.  Writers.  We’re an imaginative breed.  We invent characters and worlds for them to live in, and then we let them run amuck in our minds and something magical happens.  A story takes shape.  A plot develops.  And the characters we invented take on a life of their own and won’t leave us alone until we write their words down on paper.

But that’s where the magic ends and the real work begins.  This is when the heel-digging, not-gonna-budge stubbornness needs to kick in.  Because writing is tough.  Some days the words come out faster than you can type, and you’re like

But most days you truly consider whether or not plucking out your nose hairs one by one would not be a more enjoyable exercise.  And when those hard days pile up it becomes more and more enticing to say “So much for that.”  (Or, you know, toss your laptop out the window.  One of those.)

That’s where the aforementioned stubbornness comes in.  Well, that and a whole lot of wailing and flailing.  But then we always find a way back to our computers, back to the story.  Until it’s finished.

It’s a major commitment, becoming a writer.  And it’s not a commitment that non-writers always understand.  That’s why we have other writers to turn to.  They know about the wailing and the flailing.  They’ve been there.  And they’re ready to help you through the rough days, and you’ll be there to help them when they need it too.

Since starting this whole writing business, I have been amazed at how supportive the writing community is.  And I am proud to be a part of it.

With that in mind, I am introducing a new series on my blog, where I will interview authors and give them the opportunity to talk about their work.  This will be an ongoing series, and I look forward to sharing other writers’ stories with you.

(P.S.- that was 415 words to be exact)

(P.S.S.-the episode of “New Girl” from which these gifs of Nick Miller were taken is hilarious)


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8 responses to “A Word On Writers

  1. So true; I love, LOVE, this writerly community. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find it. Also, you’re writing a book set in the 1920s?!?! AWESOMMEE. I’d love to read that!

    • Thanks for your comment, SC! The Twitter writing community and others like AQC are wonderful, aren’t they?
      It was so much fun writing a book set in the 1920s! It’s still in first draft shape right now, but at least the foundation’s laid!

  2. linda s

    How exciting – a new first draft. Is this a new cast of characters? Have you started your rewrite? I can’t wait to start reading your author interviews. What a great idea.

  3. Congrats on finishing your draft! And I’m greatly looking forward to your author series, as I always look forward to reading the interesting things authors have to say about their work.

  4. Frank Bahnson

    Looking forward to the series and your new book!!

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